New updates and improvements to ChatHQ

  1. Portal Member Roles and Affiliate Dashboard Added!

    New Feature
    ChatHQ Portal

    We have added portal account member roles as well as connected our ChatHQ affiliate management into the ChatHQ Portal! Now you can assign roles to your team as well as manage all affiliate sales right from your Portal account!



  2. ChatHQ Portal MVP!

    New Feature
    2022-04-07 10_12_39-

    We are currently hard at work building our new ChatHQ Portal which will have TONS of management functionality for users!

    We are super excited for this to launch! We are pushing for sometime in April. Stay tuned!


    ChatHQ Portal MVP

    Hey everyone! We are currently working on a management portal for all ChatHQ users! We will be launching the MVP some time in April which is super exciting! I will attach some images to this post.

    Andrew Kamide
    In Progress



  3. We've been approved for Apple's TestFlight program and we have been given a private download link! If you are an iOS user, or you need ChatHQ on iOS for your team, we want to share this private link with you and your team!

    Please click here to request the download link:

    After you request access, we will send you an email with the private download link! Remember, you will need an iOS device to download the app. Please let us know if you have any questions!



  4. 🤩Capri Ai Partnership!

    Capri Logo No Bckgnd

    We just finished building out our partner pages for Capri Ai!

    Capri Ai: ChatHQ has built an advanced Human Rollover integration with Capri Ai for when the Capri bot fails, the conversation rolls over into your ChatHQ so that your VA's or employees can finish the conversation and close the sale/lead!

    Check them out here:


  5. We are so happy to have you in our community, and we want to give you the ability to share your ideas, suggestions, and feedback with everyone else!

    Start off by submitting an idea. Next, share the idea with others and see if you can get more upvotes so your idea can be put into action by the ChatHQ development team!

    It's as easy as that! Happy voting!